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Fan – SRK made a comeback!


Of late, Shah Rukh Khan is losing his sheen. Although his recent films were commercially successful, they lacked substance like his erstwhile classics. And all eyes are on his latest offing Fan. Will Fan bring back SRK’s lost glory or will it just join the legion of his standard films? It’s the former. With Fan, SRK made a striking comeback. Fan can be termed as SRK’s best script in the recent times. Fan breaks all conventions and norms. Yet it has its own shortcomings. Check out complete review.

What’s it About?

Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan), a middle-class boy hailing from Delhi, is a hardcore fan of Superstar Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan). Since his childhood, Gaurav is deeply obsessed with Aryan Khanna and nothing interests him other than Aryan. Gaurav’s only dream is to meet his favourite star Aryan. He goes all the way to Mumbai to meet Aryan Khanna and his dream does come true. It’s here the film takes a turn.

Out of his love for Aryan, Gaurav badly behaves with Aryan’s on-screen villain Sid Kappor hoping that it’d make him close to Aryan Khanna. But how Aryan reacts and treats Gaurav is something that he hasn’t expected. Heart-broken Gaurav’s love on Aryan Khanna slowly turns into hatred. Gaurav wants Aryan to teach him lesson for ill-treating him.


It is one of the finest performances of SRK in the recent times.The way SRK molded himself for both hero Aryan Khanna and anti-hero Gaurav roles is outstanding. SRK got into the skin of both these roles aptly. Other than SRK, none of the performances manage to catch the eye balls. Actors like Shriya Pilgaonkar, Deepika Amin, and Waluscha D’Souza were wasted in limited roles. They have nothing much to offer.


Kudos to director Maneesh for etching equal roles for both Aryan & Gaurav. Both the characters have been well-established. Sharat Katariya’s dialogues compliment the script. Manu Anand’s cinematography deserves special mention. SRK’s make-up artiste is the unsung hero. Though Gaurav is lookalike of Aryan Khanna, the way make-up of Gaurav is designed and how his looks differ from Aryan strikes chord. Vishal-Sekhar’s soundtrack is appealing. Andrea Guerra’s background score fetches for the film. Editing is slick. However, the second-half should have been better. Climax portion is exhaustive and lengthy.

Thumbs Up

SRK’s Brilliant Acting

Gripping Screenplay


Thumbs Down

Unrealistic Scenes in Second Half

Exhaustive Climax


Flouting all the conventions of Bollywood rule book, SRK’s Fan is an audacious attempt where both protagonist and antagonist are played by SRK himself. This is not just rarity but risky too. Having ‘King of Romance’ playing dual roles and still keeping the film song-less is easier said than done. Maneesh managed it well with engrossing screenplay.

The film’s first-half is very well made. Honest, self-deprecating scenes of a superstar standing in front of mirror checking out his aging skin is bravo act. As Aryan Khanna, SRK attempted something none of his peers would usually dare to. SRK’s Gaurav role invariably recalls SRK’s dark roles in Baazigar, Darr. After long-time, SRK returned to dark role and he pulled it off perfectly. The first meeting of Gaurav with Aryan Khanna is brilliantly done.

However, the scenes in the second-half might take away the feel. Scenes of Gaurav traveling to foreign countries and taking on numer uno superstar Aryan is unrealistic, unbelievable. Director Maneesh should have done better job here. Also, the exhaustive climax is major dampener for the film. Barring these shortcomings, Fan could be called as one of the best films of SRK in the recent times. It’s worth your ticket.

Verdict: Watch it for Shah Rukh!

Listen to the songs from FAN here >>

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